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The bankruptcy consultation is the most important part of the bankruptcy process as it helps me determine whether bankruptcy is right for you and also which bankruptcy chapter you might qualify for.  We consider your debt and income and discuss how bankruptcy might affect your credit and discuss the bankruptcy procedure, the documentation required and the cost – among other things. I also answer all of your particular questions to leave you as informed as possible about the process.  If you are not sure whether bankruptcy is for you, let’s set up a free consultation today!!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the need for people to stay at home, the Law Offices of Paul L. Rubin is offering a couple of options for free bankruptcy consultations:


In addition to in-person meetings, we can hold our consultations in an on-line meeting using a platform where we can both see each other in as close to an “in-person” meeting as possible without you leaving your house.  A second option is a telephone conference in which through the use of a speakerphone, we can have a full- length bankruptcy consultation. The average consultation is 45 minutes in length and will leave you feeling more hopeful about your financial future.

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